Richmart Junior presented kids jackets collection in Paris

The moto of Richmart Junior campaign that started at Premiere Vision Paris from 19 to 21 September is “Children deserve quality“. Four kids at the age 8 – 12 years old presented Richmart kids jackets collection October 2017 at Premiere Vision Paris. The themes of the models are “Daddy’s Princess”, “My dream is…”, ”...
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The closing figures of Pitti Bimbo 85 are show greater energy and creativity in childrens fashion and lifestyle collections. The numbers of foreign buyers are up, with positive performances from Russia, China, The Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine. While there is a slight decrease for the Italians. 60% of our...
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Children are more cute with suits

More and more seldom we see children wearing jackets or suits. Perhaps this is due to insufficient supply, or the tendency to wear sportswear. But I think that the fashion industry should pay attention to this fact and offer more children’s jackets and suits made of natural fabrics....
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Children's suits
The world looks differently through the eyes of an artist. Most people think ‘What can I buy to myself?’, but the artists look deeper – ‘What can I offer to the world, that can make it better?’ Let’s look through the children’s eyes. They are free and limitless in their thinking....
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Richmart Junior children’s jackets

Richmart Junior showed their designs of kids’ jackets. We really love their models with original embroideries and attractive linings, made of 100% viscose. Richmart Junior kids’ jackets are offered made-to-measure and they can be customized by the clients. Richmart Junior is a keen supporter of fast fashion and offers new models...
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Richmart Junior

Richmart Junior is a brand of Richmart – the most modern made-to-measure suits factory in Eastern Europe.

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