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The world looks differently through the eyes of an artist. Most people think ‘What can I buy to myself?’, but the artists look deeper – ‘What can I offer to the world, that can make it better?’

Let’s look through the children’s eyes. They are free and limitless in their thinking.

Let’s ask ourselves:
‘What is the last creative thing that I’ve done just for fun?’
Nourish your imagination!
Make creativity part of your every day life!

Let’s ask ourselves:
‘What small creative things I can do on a daily basis?’ 
(for example, to talk with children or to look at people around me?)

Follow the direction:
Research ↔ Inspiration → Idea → Action

Why not to use our 5 senses to get inspired by our surroundings?

Let’s experiment:
‘What to do today that can inspire me and give me an idea?’
(for example, to walk on one street every time with a different person and to watch the world through his/her eyes)
‘How to be amazed while eliminating boredom?’
(for example, to make drawings or photos)

The three key conclusions, which we need to remember are:
1. Creativity is important energy!
2. Watch the world in different ways!
3. Don’t be afraid of disapproval!

Let’s take for example my sister Alex – she is only 10 years old and her imagination is working full time. She got inspired from the stuff in our kitchen and turned them into a piece of art. You can see her designs for Richmart Junior Spring-Summer collections:

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